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Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ kyyboA_: MATRIX Resurrections | Review

Milkyy Media Syndicate ~ kyyboA_: MATRIX Resurrections | Review: Matrix Resurrections aka MATRIX4 Now that it has been released and the unprotected masses have been exposed to it, we can say WE TOLD YA SO....

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Immortals Redeemed main subject: Tom Althouse and his non-cooperation

  • Gold Mine Gang Mountain Climb to Oasis night from Ahgamen Keyboa on Vimeo.

    The first part of the "gold Mine gang" movie. Which is one of the movie epics comprising the ongoing series of "TimeSpace Chronicles".  In this authentic "art film", Peter APPLESEED is explores the desert, climbing a rugged mountain. He climbs alone all-day and reaches an oasis high-up and drinks fresh spring water (in nightshot). Some Espanol spoken in background, this is at a Mexico location.

By OTHER, we are referring to so-called "alternative media" platforms.. y'know what dat is? Meaning NOT the mainstream ones, the major, top, huge ones, like the company that is hosting Our web gateway here. If you use bitCHUTE or want to try it out, start with our version of MILKYY on there https://www.bitchute.com/accounts/referral/milkyy/

Check out this video first if you are unsure.

Heyvazealia launches the new production, entitled "Her Stance".  This project is an ensemble cast featuring women of creativity.  One is a Sitar Player documentary.  The Sitarist is Diana Waldron. 

Experimental versions of the material are being reviewed.

Update on "Protesters" the movie

On the site-menu, Protesters is now linked to its dedicated site.  Here are a few of the newer Movie out-takes, screenshots. Link to videos below...

The Instant Messenger Mission movie 

by Milkyy Media and Silver Spring Studios

*All the videos clips from Post-Production of "TimeSpace Chronicles" are compiled on the Milkyy-Media "TimeSpace Chronicles" VIDEOS page CLICK TO GO TO  https://www.milkyymedia.com/p/timespace-chronicles-videos-collection.html

video,Gold Mine Gang movie,timespace chronicles,road trip, postproduction

This is an excerpt from "TimeSpace Chronicles: Wave 4"  Let's just call it the Conch Shell in the Mountains scene.  This was filmed in the Catskill Mountains during the summer more than a decade ago.  Note:  "TimeSpace Chronicles" is a movie series and we are producing the part which is called "Wave F".  The alternative title is Gold Mine Gang. "Wave 4" does not have another title as of yet. The story of "Wave 4" features the life of a newly married couple, named according to their youtube channels, Myzzty and MysterEy1 (in 2016, gootoob deleted everything).  That's why Milkyy-Media is on LiBRarY. tv "Wave 4" is an American and Israeli romance, a cultural exploration, also dealing with the historic rise of youtube.  MysterEy1 was one of the first paid content creators who was offered a contract from youtube in 2007.  Check out our video samples there! https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@Keyboa:b

*All the videos clips from Post-Production of "TimeSpace Chronicles" are compiled on the Milkyy-Media "TimeSpace Chronicles" VIDEOS page CLICK TO GO TO  https://www.milkyymedia.com/p/timespace-chronicles-videos-collection.html

Life GahJamBoa

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"TimeSpace Chronicles Wave F" "gold mine gang" musicalscore Visual FX experimental

All editing on Flowblade Linux

More info https://www.milkyymedia.com/ Visit us!

Current project 2020 "TimeSpace Chronicles" movie series https://www.milk

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Casting dept. is active

Milkyy Media casting dept. is actively sending out emails to those who applied for acting roles!  Sides for auditioning are being sent out, file attached.  Did you get yours?  Were you able to open the attached files?  If not, sides are here on the previous post.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Acting professionals applying for roles

For actresses, actors, acting professionals, all performers, singers, dancers, applying for roles:
If you are new, please Contact  casting@milkyymedia.com
If you have already entered a submission for our notices on IMDB, Backstage, etc. then you can download your sides from this website.  The SIDES will be released here.  Casting is taking place from February until June, when it is completed (a long process, please excuse the delays)

Sides are available here, click on the LINKS below
Sides also will be linked on the Main MENU up above...

Purpose of website

This is a website for The Matrix Immortals movie project, a production by Milkyy Media.  This is more of a production resource, not so much of a public site.  If you are a fan/viewer looking for the movie and its video gaming, etc. that will be released toward the end of 2020.