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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Comments towards Thomas Althouse and his excessive interviews


I do not have anything against this man. Im more concerned for the channel owner, i hate to see a fellow Christian misled. Im assuming that, because he said he watches Enterthestars, where i also have been a subscriber for years. Anyway, ive watched about 5 of these 2-4hour "interviews" Remember brothers n sisters in JESUS CHRIST-- YOU MUST PRAY FOR DISCERNMENT!! THE MORE U READ THE WORD, I BELIEVE WE ARE ALSO TAUGHT HOW TO B MUCH SMARTER BY OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! NOT SO NAIVE! Time is VERY LATE! Dont get distracted by things that are of NO SPIRITUAL IMPORTANCE. I FULLY PLAN ON SIMPLY ASKING PEOPLE WHO SPEAK VAGUELY, TO NAME THEIR GOD. NOT SPENDING THIS MUCH TIME ON IT AGAIN. Anyway, the guest, in all those hours of video, HAS NEVER NAMED JESUS CHRIST ONE TIME. He has, however, called the character in "his film"the christ. Which one?? By not naming, i have to assume the worst!! One of the many evil anti christ spirits, cuz why wouldn't u just say THE KING OF KINGS, YAHSHUA MESSIAH??? Also, he certainly DID NAME THAT CHARACTERS "FATHER", as the architect. Who do the freemasons call that devil? The great architect/hence freemasons. His movie script also involves gender-neutral characters who apparently"became" that way in those times/immortality for the rich, that neuro link thing being an "enhancer", a good thing/who came up with the red pill being blood of children like he keeps saying? VERY SUSPICIOUS STORYLINE, NEW WORLD ORDER/NEW AGE CONTENT N IDEAS. He has changed his personal story numerous times, seemingly unhinged several times. He calls people names. He admits he is friendly with, and actually does respond to the mail n visits with, those illuminate/cabal people. When at first he said he did not. I caught him say one time, something like "the sex ring i was in", when previously he said many times he would not morally participate in those things. DOUBLE SPEAK. NAME CALLING. CALLED HIS god a higher spirit. Wont name the christ character. Talks about his family in horrible ways, instead of just saying he cannot have contact. His mother used to call him satan regularly. Listen, we can determine what videos/interviews we watch! But im warning brothers n sisters in CHRIST JESUS: U MUST B MORE DISCERNING. WE ARE NOT TO SPEND TIME WITH WORKS OF DARKNESS(LIES, CONFUSION THE ENEMY LOVES TO INVOLVE US IN!) I do not require everyone i associate with to b a Christian!! But i will not b distracted by useless lies the devil loves to spread. They love to live in topics that do NOT BRING THE MOST HIGH GOD ANY GLORY, NOR DO THEY PROFIT THE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST IN ANY WAY. Im just tired of their rabbit holes, waste of time nonsense subjects, and double speak. If the channel owner is a Christian, i see your kindness. Dont let yourself b deceived or distracted either. Rebuke the evil, as Casey with Enterthestars does pretty regularly!:)
Yissilmissil Productions
Both of us know Jesus Christ. Casey is a great man. I hope this clears things up. Thank you for watching!