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What is the connection between Milkyy Media and The Matrix?  They are inexplicably tied together by fate.  Milkyy Media was created as a result of the founders meeting each other and discussing the complex problem surrounding The Matrix Franchise.  2018, ahgameN keyboA talked with Frank Craven and then, Thomas Althouse, who is the original creator of The Matrix concept.  Other co-founders went into the mix and by 2019, Milkyy Media Syndicate LLC was established, its first project to be the confrontation of The Matrix Disenfranchise.  The movie is essentially a documentary re-enacted, as the true story behind the making of The Matrix, as told to ahgameN by Althouse.

More details of the founding of Milkyy Media and the development of The Matrix Immortals Redemption project...

Milkyy Media HISTORY

Establishing of Milkyy Media Syndicate

Milkyy Media was being created gradually as a new entity through the period of late Autumn 2018, through Winter, into Spring 2019; this was the embryonic phase.  The actual birth of Milkyy Media was on/around 2019-April in California.  Milkyy Media Syndicate's date of birth and its naming/Christening was upon the first LLC registered to the New Mexico Business Dept. of State filed/dated 2019-MAY-7 (cf.documentation)  Happy Birthday, Milkyy!  Then there were expansions into different jurisdictions.  It's an incorporated octopus!

Cosmonomy then Milkyy (way galaxy) Media

So this is its history:  Milkyy Media arrived in New York, at the ending of the First phase of Cosmonomy's discovery and development, which Phase was from 2014-Spring (before the first Eclipse of the "blood moon" Tetrad in 2014april) until 2019march, a duration of about 5 years .  Cosmonomyhas to do with astronomy, astrology, cosmology, and human psychology, occultism, spirituality, etc.  It  is a huge branch of the Instituto-Civilogia, as Cosmonomy is the key to comprehension of Time-flow itself and the shape of the universe, as well as the patterns of human history.  The first and earliest phase of Cosmonomy and indeed, its discovery/invention was finished by the time when Milkyy Media was forming.  This first phase of Cosmonomy ended because Milkyy Media came about as a major rechanneling of the energies of ahgameN.   During the transition which happened from 2018December through 2019March, he switched his main focus from Cosmonomy to Milkyy Media, which is to say ahgameN switched his daily efforts from the astro-sciences/divination to the movie industry and post-modern culture at large.  Instead of the cosmic and the forces of physics, he went into the area of entertainment, technology, communications, and sociological, psychological fields.  This radical and exciting endeavor pushed forward and got established from 2019March until about 2019August, a decently good launching phase for five (5) Months (moon cycles).

the Internal Crisis of Milkyy Media

What happened next was like a derailment of Milkyy Media, which was caused by Thomas Althouse switching gears.  According to the perspective of Milkyy Media's co-founder ahgameN, the actions of Althouse during the course of the late Summer of 2019 amounts to a major breach of contract.  
For ahgameN this was no problem because he was getting grounded/putting in roots at a new location and probing into Cosmonomy again.  From 2019 Autumn until 2020 early January, he was devoting energy to family and localized work and physical labors.  However, as the Winter reached its coldest in the Northern hemisphere, there was a second launch of Milkyy Media. 

the second phase of Milkyy Media development

This is the going public phase, from 2020-January through March, many more people found out about Milkyy Media Syndicate and our first project, ahgameN's documentary screenplay "The Matrix Immortals Redemption" about the true story behind "the Matrix" franchise, as told by Thomas Althouse who wrote "the Immortals" sci-fi script.  Thousands of people know about Milkyy Media and the documentary screenplay now.  Yet these people are in two groups, which overlap; one group is informed of Milkyy Media and the documentary project, the other group is informed of the Matrix deception by Althouse's random interviews, yet they  are never told of Milkyy Media.  The fact that Althouse conducts himself in such an unprofessional way is commiting an illegal manuever of omission.  He is omitting his contractual obligation wherein he agreed to collaborate on the Milkyy Media movie production.  Therefore, the second group is misinformed about this, not informed at all!  Milkyy Media group members, take note - you are the ones who have access to these important facts! 

Movie screenplay in rewrite

Because Althouse operates in an uncooperating manner, the first project has been required to go into revision and the screenplay must be adjusted/rewritten.  Instead of concisely covering the period from 1992-2018, it will cover the whole period from 1988 to 2020 and be more of a flashback method of movie presentation.  This brings up a lot of interesting changes, which we will discuss at a later point.  The rewrite and sides/rehearsal will go forward in 2020-late April or May.

Key collaborators for the organization of Milkyy Media

What we should realize about Milkyy Media up to this Juncture, is that there are the key players who are the original founders, one of whom is telling you these facts and the history, ahgamen keyboa.   The other founders are: Thomas Althouse, Ian Grein, and a several silent founders, who will not be revealed at this moment in the struggle. 

Milkyy Media will not be compromised

Please be advised, Milkyy Media partners are not remaining silently in the background ONLY because they are part of the "Hollywood elite".  No, they are not owners or producers of the major movie studios/corporations, such as: Warner brothers, Paramount, Universal, Disney, Google, Apple, etc.   We must emphasize this fact, because Thomas Althouse and the group he is informing, are under the impression that Milkyy Media is owned and controlled by the big Hollywod movie moguls!!  Althouse and his partner, Nicholas has repeatedly broadcast the accusation that this founder, ahgameN, is beholden to Stephen Spielberg as well as Disney Corp. executives!!!  They claim that he is working for the Weinsteins, Epsteins, Eisners, Silvers, Spielbergs... nothing could be farther from the truth. 
That is erroneous and defamatory, in fact!  Milkyy Media is not controlled opposition and is not under the guises of anything in Hollywood or the mainstream media.  Milkyy Media Syndicate is completely independent and autonomous and ahgameN has his integrity and transparency on the line here, for all to observe.  If you will do a web search or look-up the name ahgameN, it is easily apparent and becomes obvious that he is a true artist, auteur, and independent, unlike any other before or since.  He will not take orders from anybody outside of the Creator/Lord itself and that is non-negotiable; and what's more important is that he will collaborate and co-create with all new members of Milkyy Media Syndicate for reaching the goals of movie production and intellectual property/content branding which are elaborated herein!

Milkyy Media is not here to CHANGE Hollywood, it is replacing Hollywood!

Milkyy Media was founded for good reason.  It is a powerhouse, a movement, and a revolution.  Why?  That has been necessitated by the wrongs and corruption of the past decades, due to all the interconnected industries of Hollywood and the mainstream media.  It's a humongous, convoluted mess and it's impossible to fix.  What we are able to do is what they say in the New Age philosophy, when you have a full review of what's in the world, "take the best and leave the rest".  We are not going to change Hollywood or the TV or the radio or whatever, but we are going to make something new!  That new world of Milkyy Media Syndicate is going to replace that old and bad machine which hindered everybody until now.   This new era which is announced here sounds like "a tall order".  Those are some "big shoes to fit into".  Oh well, join us and you're going to find out.

Third phase, with new strategy

Currently, we are in the midst of actually the third phase, which is the going public  phase.  From 2020-April onward we are going forward, despite the impasse with Mr.Althouse and despite the far-reaching global pandemic and global crisis (which ahgamen dubs the Scamdemic).  We must proceed and not be obstructed by the outer chaos and nonsense.  We have had discussions and meetings and have decided to move ahead with short films and with character development.  We are selecting from our arsenal and will launch these new projects soon.  Meanwhile, the larger project of the Matrix franchise true story, is going to finished in re-write and will be produced, still aiming for the release date of late December 2020.
(more later)

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